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Manhattan of the Moment #2

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Lot No. 40 Dark Oak Canadian rye whisky
Carpano Antica Formula vermouth
Alvear Pedro Ximénez de Añada sherry 2015
Peychaud's, Angostura and mole bitters


Lot No. 40 Dark Oak is a more intense version of the standard Lot 40. Starting with the same 100% pot-distilled, new American oak-aged rye as the standard Lot 40, Dark Oak is finished in heavily charred (char #4) new oak and bottled at a generous 48% ABV. This finishing delivers heaps more flavour, which, along with the higher proof, equals a big, bold cocktail base.

That said, for this Manhattan, in order to tame the intense heat and woody spice of the Dark Oak–while, of course, highlighting the massive flavours of this lovely whisky–we instinctively reached for a robust vermouth. Carpano Antica Formula seemed a no-brainer, but also a little too easy, so we paired it with a sublime PX sherry, which lends beautiful depth of flavour, precious viscosity, and enough acidity to balance things out quite nicely. The shiny red fruit and anise of Peychaud's brightens things up while Angostura and mole bitters amplify the warming spice and chocolatey, raisiny notes of the mix.

The resultant drink is elegant, full-flavoured, and familiar–with just a wee twist to freshen things up a bit. If you love a good Manhattan, try this: a love letter for the ages. xoxo


In honour of the endless possibility of the Manhattan, we're offering a Manhattan of the Moment: a different formula released in limited quantities, whenever we feel the time is right, to showcase the marriage of a premium spirit with other top-notch ingredients.

The Manhattan holds a special place in the Grey Tiger DNA. Aside from our deeply personal connection to this beautiful icon, we cherish the lessons it teaches us about subtlety, balance, and mindful mixing. Like many a seemingly straightforward classic cocktail, it starts with just a few, accessible ingredients—in this case whisk(e)y, vermouth, bitters—and sets us on a fascinating exploration of ratios and the nuances and compatibility of ingredients. Perhaps most importantly, we develop an intimate understanding of just how exactly we prefer to take our Manhattan. And what a gift that is!