Grey Tiger Custom Cocktail

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We miss creating custom drinks based on a guest's personal preference, mood, and ultimately the mutual trust and understanding established through conversation across the bar. It was a big part of our Beforetime identity, so we're compelled to keep it up!

Once you're filled your virtual shopping cart, include a comment at checkout to provide some guidance. Maybe tell your preferred drink style, base spirit, flavours you like (or don't like), which drinks you already like, and/or any other relevant information that you think may help us create something specific to you/someone you're gifting this drink to.

If you want to be extra specific, please email us for clarity. Otherwise, if you're wide open, that's fine too. Either way, you're in caring, capable hands with access to a deep pantry of spirits and other ingredients for endless possibilities!

SUPER IMPORTANT: Please inform us of any dietary restrictions, allergies, or sensory aversions (you don't like bitterness or can't stand the smell of oranges) we should know about. We care about your safety and take pride in our careful preparation of ingredients in a sanitary facility.

Let's do this!