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Blanton's Single Barrel Gold Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Dumped 2019)

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The first single barrel bourbon popularized in the US was created by Elmer T. Lee, at was was then the George T Stagg Distillery, in 1984, and named after former distillery president Colonel Albert B. Blanton. Lee recalled how Colonel Blanton would handpick a "honey barrel" from the heart of Warehouse H to enjoy with his pals.  Many years later, the Blanton’s brand was created to honour this memory. This very limited, highly coveted 103-proof bourbon, produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, is a favourite among discerning bourbon aficionados. An impressive gift for the bourbon-lover in your life.

Dumped on December 27, 2019. Barrel #61. Bottle #95.

Kentucky, USA. 750ml. 51.5% abv