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Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Single Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (2015)

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Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon Single Cask Strength Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky
Cask No. B100820005A.
Bottle No. 04/179.
57.1% abv

On the nose: Sweet, spicy bourbon with buttery vanilla, tropical fruit, citrus, cinnamon. It smells like bourbon and leads to a taste that will please fans of strong bourbon-cask influence. The palate is oily and coats the mouth with vanilla cream, bright fruit, citrus, a generous dose of spice, and even a little salinity (something we love about Kavalan whisky generally). We recommend adding water sparingly. A little water tames the heat but too much water, while not dulling the oily texture too much, definitely jeopardizes the beautiful fruit and spice notes. Even though this is high-octane, we enjoy it with only a smidge of water, if any at all. A medium-length, drying, spicy finish is our conclusion.

This rich, fruity, multi-dimensional single cask whisky, from the distillery that put Taiwan on the global malt map, was matured in first-fill American ex-Bourbon casks, non-chillfiltered with no added colour, and bottled at cask-strength.