Manhattan of the Moment

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Booker's Little Book Chapter 4: "Lessons Honored" Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Carpano Antica Formula vermouth
Alvear Pedro Ximénez de Añada sherry 2015
Khagorijan Assam Indian black tea
Chocolate orange bitters

Booker's Little Book is an annual limited edition series of blended whiskies by eighth generation Beam distiller Freddie Noe. Chapter 4: "Lessons Honored" blends three uncut, unfiltered Kentucky straight whiskeys selected to acknowledge their special connection to current Beam master distiller Fred Noe. One is a 4 year-old straight brown rice bourbon; one is an 8 year-old high-rye whiskey; and one is a 7 year-old straight bourbon.

For this stunning Manhattan variant, in order to match Little Book's burly flavours of spicy cinnamon, cherry, wood-char, roasted grain, black tea and vanilla caramel, we combined Carpano Antica Formula vermouth with a sublime PX sherry–a harmonious blend that brings depth of flavour, precious viscosity, and enough acidity to balance things out quite nicely. Cold-brewed black tea dilutes and adds yet another layer of complexity. And finally, we add brightness and more chocolate–cuz why not?–with a generous dose of chocolate orange bitters.

We're really happy with the resultant Manhattan. It's round, full-flavoured and delivers a beautifully balanced spicy sweetness. A total eclipse of the heart for bourbon Manhattan lovers. xoxo


This is a series of premium Manhattan expressions celebrating our favourite cocktail along with the lovingly mixed ingredients that comprise each expression. In this case, we spotlight a real banger of a limited-release straight bourbon whiskey: Booker's Little Book 4. Each Manhattan expression of the series is produced in limited quantities—only 24 single-serve bottles of this one!—using topnotch ingredients, and released when the time is right. Please join us for an exciting journey of sensory delight! These bottles are hot!

The Manhattan holds a special place in the Grey Tiger DNA. Aside from our deeply personal connection to this beautiful icon, we cherish the lessons it teaches us about subtlety, balance, and mindful mixing. Like many a seemingly straightforward classic cocktail, it starts with just a few, accessible ingredients—in this case whiskey, vermouth, bitters—and sets us on a fascinating exploration of ratios and the nuances and compatibility of ingredients. Perhaps most importantly, we develop an intimate understanding of just how exactly we prefer to take our Manhattan. And what a gift that is!