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Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum

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A crisp, fruity, light-to-medium-bodied rum with vibrant notes of vanilla custard, cane, honey, grass, chocolate, and floral banana, with oak, light spice and mineral notes providing structure and further complexity. (The rum was the main rum in our house Daiquiri blend, and it was well designed to be a stellar cocktail rum.)  

Plantation 3 Stars is a celebratory blend of the three rum-making "stars" of the Caribbean: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad.  Blended by the Cognac Ferrand team, the blend comprises unaged rums from Barbados and Jamaica, 3-year-old rum from Trinidad, and a 10-year-old rum from Jamaica. The colour of the aged rums is removed via carbon filtration.

750ml. 41.2% abv