Revel Cider Co. The Spot You Told Me About Vermouth Soda

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The Spot You Told Me About is Revel's first foraged vermouth soda! It's based on a sweet vermouth they made with pears, apples, blue plums, apple blossoms, wild lemon ginger, various types of spruce tips, and white pine shoots, with organic lemon thyme added before canning to bump up the acidity. Beautifully floral, tart, and bone dry, with zero residual sugar in the can.

Ontario. 355ml. 4.4%

* $500 from this release was donated to the RAVEN Trust. One of the key barriers to justice is the high cost of the Canadian legal system. RAVEN raises money to help First Nations tackle the big issues of treaty rights and protecting traditional land and ways of life from the relentless reach of expansion.