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The Real McCoy 12yr Single Blended Rum

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Palate: Rich and oak-y with notes of spiced fruitcake, orange zest, dark sugar, a little smoke, pipe tobacco. Sip it neat or go all the way by mixing-up a tasty rum Manhattan.

The Prohibition-era rum-runner William McCoy, unlike other smugglers, didn’t adulterate his spirits to increase profits. Consequently his product was known as “the real McCoy”. In 2012, filmmaker Bailey Pryor produced a film about McCoy and later, inspired by the story he told, founded The Real McCoy Spirits Co. All Real McCoy rums are sourced from the famed Foursquare Distillery in Barbados (which was also William McCoy's supplier). Much like McCoy’s rum back in the day, this rum is unadulterated (no sweeteners, artificial colourant, perfumes, or any other such nonsense). It’s just straight rum made with high-quality molasses and spring water, batch-distilled in pot and column stills by fourth-generation distillers, and matured traditionally in heavily charred bourbon barrels.

Barbados. 750ml. 40% abv